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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Garden Foot Stools

When I was a kid and my dear daddio would see me sitting around doing nothing-much, he'd chuckle and say to me, 'Find something constructive to do!' This project - and most of the projects I do - is a direct result of dad's dictum: I was bored one day, lazing on the patio, when I noticed how dilapidated our chiminea was getting. Then it POPPED into my head: I could use the base of that chiiminea to make a footstool So after we got a new chiminea, that's what I did: With the help of my husband Bill, that old chiminea  base was soon a handy footstool. Since then, I found another chiminea base - this time, laying in someone's yard - and I asked them if I could have it, and they said yes - another footstool was born! The chiminea we have now - seen in photo - is just about to the make-a-footstool-out-of-it stage. I almost look forward to our chimineas wearing out now. 
Hey, Daddio, See? I'm trying to do what you told me to do!!

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