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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tiled Table

This is one of those projects that I love to revisit, and not just because it was a fun project that turned out just as I envisioned it would. The thing is, before our town could rebuild the schools in the area, they had to get rid of the old stuff in those schools. So they had auctions. These auctions spanned two summers; that was about, oh, ten years ago.

I got the table for just $2.00 - a solid oak table that was perfect for my purpose. It even had a trim board around the edge that would eventually be moved higher so as to keep the grout from oozing over the edge . . . .
I broke the tiles into smaller pieces - tiles we picked up off the ground at a tile plant. 

Once the tiles were broken, I could arrange them in a pattern.

After the tiles were glued to the table top, this project languished in the basement for days and days. My husband finally carried the table out onto the front porch and poured glops of grout onto the top of my beautiful design, thus forcing me to finish it. And I'm glad I did finish it; it remains one of my favorite pieces. 

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