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Friday, May 4, 2012

Daisy Border

My sewing room has been through m any changes in the past seven years. After we painted the walls two-toned green - with two colors of paint in the same roller pan - I wanted a trim  between the lateral green striped effect on the top part of the wall and the scumbled green on the bottom of the wall. I was not happy with my first attempt to create a border - see photo; that's orange paint applied with a sponge cut in a rough square. At least I had some sort of border, though, right? I eventually decided I wanted a more structured design for a border/trim. So I scanned a real flower from our garden, dropped the scan into a Word Doc, then added a black border around the flower. I printed up a batch of these so I could glue them on the wall....

Trouble was, I had to cover up those ugly orange squares first. For this, I turned to my trusty old friend, brown wrapping paper. I cut the brown paper into strips, then glued it on the wall where I wanted the border to be. Then I glued the flowery squares over the brown paper.

PS: I love working with wallpaper paste; it's fun and easy to use.

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  1. You say you love working with wallpaper paste... but is it easy to remove and redo if you ever get 'whimmed' for that? The colour combo looks nice there. Didn't think it was that brown paper if you hadn't told. That brown paper is also here, but many schools want their students' note books and even text books which they carry [a full load to and back, on their backs!]to be wrapped neatly and affixed labels of names, class and subjects on them.