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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sleep Tight: The Bedrooms

While our style is a bit subdued in the rest of the house, we cut loose color-wise in the bedrooms. My husband picked the color for our bedroom walls . . . .

. . . .  and Will picked the color for his bedroom. And people think that I use color liberally! Ha! 
A funny story: When Bill suggested, one hot summer morning, that we should paint Will's bedroom, I went along with the idea; I was eager to check that task off our to-do list. The problem was, it was very hot that day. So While Bill went in to start painting, I had a brilliant idea: I would paint naked! It was that hot! So I took off all my clothes and sauntered into Will's room, where Bill was busily rolling paint onto the walls. And, guess what? Bill was naked! He had the same idea I had. Well, you know, people do say that Bill and I work well together!! They don't know the  half of it.....


  1. I'd heard of naked gardening but not naked painting. Anyway, man is naturally naked and he messes up with all the additional covering. I guess the photos were also taken naked, just for the sake of it! ;) I read somewhere that it adds to have certain colours for bedrooms are good for better sleep. I like the size and height of windows there. What we do is keep the normal windows and close [almost always] the bottom half shutters while the top ones open during day time. Of course, curtains are a must.

  2. Excuse the pun, but if the photographer were naked instead of the subject in the photos, would that be, like, negative porn?! And if the photographer were naked, would he be a pornographer?!
    This house we live in has a lot of nice feature, one of which is the fact that the windows in the bedrooms are high enough that we could to without curtains if we wanted to.
    Yes, 'they' do recommend certain soothing colors for a bedroom, but I did not pick the color, and I sleep better at night knowing that I don't have to always pick the colors around here!!